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Love at First Sight

      • 5    


        What an amazing experience! The staff was prompt, super friendly, and welcoming from the time I walked in until the time of my departure. Not only were they pleasant, but they were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to share every detail of my angels imaging. The facility is clean, modern, and extra cozy. Every Mom should experience Love at First Sight!

        Customer since January 2015

      • 4    

        Love it !!

        It was a great experience, the stuff were very nice , they take as much time as you need , no rush at all , We love the place , and will mho back for the 3D and 4D ultrasound , I will recommend this place to all moms to be !

        Customer since January 2015

      • 5    

        Love at first time

        I just wanted to say that my little peanut will not wanna open those legs but all I can say Jenny is just simply wonderful so patient and she will not let you leave till she is 100% sure . I am so happy with the care and gentleness she offers. I will be seeing her at my 30 week can't wait.

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Made my day!

        This was the best experience I could have possibly asked for. Jenny did an excellent job and really spent the time to walk us through what she was showing us. She double and triple checked the genders of our twins just to make sure - she's a perfectionist and I couldn't ask for anything else when it comes to this type of appointment. I came home with pictures and video and some great memories that will last forever.

        Customer since January 2015

      • 5    

        awesome experience

        Staff is wonderful. Great environment. State of the art equipment. They got great photos every time I went

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        My ultrasound was amazing.

        Thank you so much for everything and i had an amazing time. Thank you for telling me the gender off my child and i will be coming back soon.

        Customer since January 2015

      • 5    


        Jenny is amazing. Absolutely amazing. She determined the sexes of my twin girls before our doctor, and he got it wrong! She is extremely talented and kind. Her gentle approach and patience is immeasurable and extremely well appreciated with a VERY pregnant wife. I'd recommend her any day of the week!

        Customer since July 2014

      • 5    

        great place!

        I really enjoyed all the attention I received from the staff and especially my ultrasound tech Jen. she's really experienced and really knows her stuff. I got some really great pictures even though my baby was breech and I'm glad I was able to have my redo free of charge unlike many other places I've been to. I highly recommend love at first sight for 3d 4d ultrasounds :-)

        Customer since November 2014

      • 5    


        Great place. We will be back. Jenny was so sweet and happy! The owner was very nice as well! Highly recommend you visit this location.

        Customer since January 2015

      • 5    

        highly recommend this experience!

        I received the appointment as a Christmas gift. This is our first pregnancy and first grandchild on both sides of the family. We invited all 4 grandparents to come, was very fun and comfortable environment. The whole experience brought the in-laws and parents to tears of joy and happiness. We received more than expected with DVD and CD picture amount. Helpful and lovely staff! Very very reasonably priced for the experience. Highly recommend for anyone who is expecting!

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Loved everything about my experience!

        Love at first sight was a very warm and welcoming place along with the staff. The ultrasound tech was AMAZING! Me and my husband will be going back shortly before we have our baby!

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Absolutely worthy every penny! I loved it :)

        This was my first time here and I loved it. The experience was wonderful and so was Jenny! I would recommended it to anyone. :)

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Loved it!!!

        Very calm and professional staff. The tech was very sweet. The room is so huge that you can bring your family.The prices are worth the package. Will be going back for gender reveal. I wish I could've known about this place for my other pregnancies. Ahhh wish I could just go monthly. Thanks for making me feel so special!!!

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Great service

        I had an excellent experience at Love at First Sight and would recommend it to anyone. They are very patient

        Customer since November 2014

      • 5    

        Peace Of Mind

        Thank goodness for this place! I had a very rough start to my pregnancy and just wanted reassurance that everything was well. They asked no questions and welcomed my paranoia with open arms!!  thanks so so much, I highly recommend 

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Love it

        Exelent experience i love it thanks for the beautiful moment for me a my family.. I love everything from the beginning to the end

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    


        It was a wonderful experience. Ths staff is very pleasant and they take their time so you don't feel rushed. I loved that there was a screen over the exam table so I could see everything. There was also enough room in the ultrasound area for at least six adult people. All and all it was a great experience and I look forward to going back when I get further along in my pregnancy.

        Customer since December 2014

      • 5    

        Exceeded my expectations...

        After reading the reviews I was expecting a pleasant experience, but our visit exceeded our expectations by far. The images were very clear and detailed, the environment was relaxing and the technician took the time to answer all of our questions!

        Customer since November 2014

      • 5    

        Amazing Experience!!!

        This place is AMAZING! The recepcionist and Jenny are so friendly and sweet, she was really patient and made sure to get us the best pictures. The place is clean, they are very professional and located in a place with pretty big parking lot. I highly recommend this experience!!!

        Customer since November 2014

      • 5    

        Amazing experience

        The staff was so friendly I couldn't have asked for a better experience !!! Very happy with everything got great photos just s overall great experience

        Customer since November 2014

      • 5    

        Jenny is amazing

        Jenny at love at first sight is the absolute best. She made sure to check a million times that my little girl was a little girl. Jenny was so sweet to my family and my 3yr old son. Between music and making me so comfortable she asked every 5mins if she was hurting me and if i was comfortable. This was the best day of my pregnancy and I owe it all to such a personable person. If you are looking for an amazing experience i suggest you head over to see Jenny at love at first sight !!!

        Customer since November 2014

3D / 4D
Professional Elective
Ultrasound Studio, NJ

(908) 624-9000

2333 Morris Ave
Suite A-113
Union, NJ

Located in the Ideal Professional Office Park
Plenty of
FREE Parking Available

Open 6 Days a Week!

Love at First Sight's phone lines are conveniently open 24/7!

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Monday: 2pm - 8pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 2pm-8pm

Thursday: 11am - 5pm

Friday: 3pm - 9pm

Saturday: 11am - 8pm

Love at First Sight
3D/4D Ultrasound studio

Gender Reveal Package
NOW ONLY $59.99!
Call Us Today!

New Jersey Elective 3D 4D Ultrasound Studio, NJ


on your pregnancy!

A little about
Love at First Sight

What makes us special?

At Love at First Sight 3D/4D Ultrasound NJ you'll get great pictures, video , countless pictures and other keepsake items, a trained professional and experienced Obstetrical Sonographer, and the opportunity to bring family and/or friends to share this joyous experience with you!

We do not rush your session. We love to see the smile on your face the first time you see your baby in 3D and 4D Ultrasound NJ. Because this is not a medical/obstetrical exam we are able to offer you the time that a doctor's office just can’t. This is a photo/video session that is all about you and your growing family. Think of it as a day at the spa. 

We have an extensive viewing room equipped with a large monitor for your guests to enjoy as they sit just a few feet away on our comfy new sofa. Mom even gets her own personal monitor to view her baby up close!

Here, at Love at First Sightwe can digitally record your baby's heartbeat into one of our stuffed animals.  We have over a dozen styles to choose from (think keepsake for yourself, the new sibling, grandparents, or even as an announcement!)  

Most of all, we want you to have
the experience of a lifetime! 

Something New for Dads
We now carry tee-shirts, hoodies, ties, mugs and other items for Daddy!
You can go to the hospital in style in a pair of Daddy Scrubs! 
All available now at 
Love at First Sight 3D 4D Ultrasound, NJ!

Gender Determination in New Jersey

Among our most popular packages are the Gender Determination and the Gender Deluxe Packages.  At 16 weeks we can tell whether you are going to be shopping for PINK or BLUE. Will you be blessed with a boy or girl?

Some people claim that the gender can be seen by Ultrasound before 16 weeks but that is simply not true. Checking the facts about ultrasound online will prove that these claims are not to be trusted. The genitalia is not developed enough before 16 weeks to be certain of the gender.  It is for this reason that often, even doctors or inexperienced technologists, are wrong when they tell the Mom before 16 weeks.  We get it right every time and prove it to you so you can see it for yourself.  We have a 100% accuracy record so you don't have to take chances.

If you are planning a Gender Reveal Party we will put the 2D or 3D Sonogram or Ultrasound pictures into an envelope. Just let us know before entering the room that this is what you want. Best and most accurate 3D 4D Ultrasound in NJ!

About our Technologist

Our technologist, Jenny, has years of experience working for obstetricians and in hospitals. She is a graduate of Muhlenberg School of Sonography which is accredited by CAAHEP and graduated at the top of her class specializing in Obstetrical Sonography.

After working in hospitals and OB offices for over 5 years, Jenny came to Love At First Sight to perform 3D and 4D Ultrasounds in a fun and joy filled environment.

Jenny is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have. She is dedicated to making sure you have the best possible experience!
Please see her reviews under the reviews tab, on the side of this page
or on
Yelp, Genbook, and Google.

Love At First Sight 3D 4D Ultrasound NJ 

Love At First Sight is located at Ideal Professional Park.  There is ample free parking right at our front door. There is no far away parking lot, stairs to climb, or waiting around for a parking spot. 

Same day appointments available!

We offer appointments 6 days a week: weekend and evening appointments are available for your convenience. We will accommodate your schedule.

Book your 3D 4D ultrasound with us!

Let us be your baby's first photographer.

** Please Note

This is an Elective Ultrasound, not a medical exam.  

If we have any concerns during your 3D 4D Ultrasound session we will refer you back to your physician for medical attention.

We require you to fill out a short information sheet with your Obstetrician's name and phone number to confirm you are receiving prenatal care.  

This Ultrasound session is not to be a replacement for prenatal care.  

Love at First Sight is not a medical facility, therefore, we do not accept insurance.

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